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July 26, 2012
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--ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--
EB: dave!
TG: hey egbert
EB: hi! i'm so excited about tomorrow! what is your plan exactly? like, what are we going to do?
TG: whatever you want man
EB: oh man, this is going to be so awesome! hey! why don't we watch a movie?
TG: oh god no not one of your shitty nic cage movies
EB: oh come on dave, have you even watched any of them?
TG: no and i dont plan to
EB: but you have to! what if you find out that you actually do like nic cage?
TG: i doubt it
EB: dave, you are going to watch con air tomorrow.
TG: no
EB: yes, and you are going to like it.
TG: like i said i doubt it
EB: whatever dave. anyway, see you tomorrow!
TG: later
-- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--

     You reach your fingers underneath your glasses to rub your eyes while leaning back against your chair. You pull your hands away and stare at the computer screen for a couple of seconds before standing up. God, John can really be a pain sometimes. But that's what made him cute.

     You and John planned to get together and hang out at your place for nearly a week now. He's been so excited about it, always talking about what he and you would do when he arrived. It is the day before John will be coming over, and you can't help but admit you're a little psyched about it as well. You haven't seen John in person for months. It'll be great to see that sweet smile of his and his beautiful blue eyes again.

     You sit down on your bed, grabbing the remote control to your TV. You lay back against the wall and turn on the TV, slowly feeling your eyes grow heavy.

     You suddenly feel your throat beginning to get dry. You assume it's probably nothing, continuing to watch your favorite show. Minutes pass and the irritating sensation in your throat gets worse. You stand up and turn the TV off, sauntering out of your room into the kitchen.

     You grab a glass and fill it with water, forcing yourself to gulp the whole thing down. Strangely, the water doesn't seem to help, only making your sore throat worse. You groan in frustration, setting the cup down in the sink.

     You head back to your room and sit back down, turning the TV on again. You figure you'll just wait it out, thinking that the uncomfortable feeling will subside eventually. Minutes pass and you eventually can't help but fall asleep.

     The next morning you wake up to a horrible numbness in your throat. You try swallowing, but fail miserably. You choke in pain, your throat now beginning to feel like a dry desert. You feel your whole body and face growing hot. You roll over in your bed and look at your clock. 10 AM. Holy shat you overslept.

      John will be here in less than an hour and you aren't even in the perfect picture of health. You grab your phone from your pocket and message John.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist  [EB]--
TG: hey john
EB: dave! hi! oh my gosh, i totally can't wait!
TG: john im afraid theres been a change of plans
EB: what happened?
TG: im sick
EB: what?!
TG: yeah
EB: you can't be! this was our special day!
TG: i know
TG: just dont worry about it
TG: dont come over
TG: i dont want you getting sick too
EB: but dave! who will take care of you?
TG: sorry dude
EB: i'll be there right away!
TG: no dude seriously stop
EB: nonsense! you need someone to nurse you back to health, and that'll be me!
TG: john dont
-- ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--

     Well, that's just great. You sigh, slipping your phone back in your pocket. No point in having an argument with him now. Here's probably already on his way here.

     Meanwhile, John hurriedly makes his way to Dave's house, a DVD in one hand and apple juice in the other. He walks down the driveway onto the sidewalk. He looks up, noticing dark clouds accumulating in the sky overhead. He picks up the pace, Dave's house now in sight.

     The peace and quiet in Dave's apartment is soon interrupted by the melodic chimes of the door bell. "The door's unlocked." You yell from your room to the expected visitor. John slowly creeks the door open. "Dave?" he walks inside. "In here." You call from your bedroom. "Dave!" You hear the bounding footsteps of John getting closer.

     "Are you alright?" He asks, reaching the doorway. "Does it look like I'm fine to you?" You turn your head to face John. Despite the fact that you're holding a pretty darn convincing pokerface, the heir isn't fooled. He can clearly see that you aren't looking too healthy. Your face is bright red, a thin layer of sweat glistening on your skin.

     "Dave, you don't look good at all!" John frowns. "Thanks." You huff, rolling over. John walks over and sits on the edge of the bed, right next to you. He ever so gently rests a hand on the your arm. You melt away at the pleasant touch, John's fingers and palm having the softness of a cloud.

     "You'll feel better soon, I promise." John coos, moving his hand to your dirty blonde hair. He strokes your head, occasionally running his fingers through your hair. You moan quietly, the soft touch beginning to comfort you.

     The dark brown haired boy hears your moan, taking it the wrong way. He quickly pulls his hand away. "Oh! D-did I hurt you?" His big, blue eyes are filled with concern. "No." You whisper hoarsely, a little disappointed that John pulled away so soon.

     He looks over his shoulder in the direction of the doorway. "You don't mind if I search for something in your bathroom, do you?" The heir eyes the bathroom door from where he is sitting. "Nah man, it's cool." You cough into your arm.

     John stands up and leaves for a few moments. You check your phone for any messages while the heir is gone. There is one from Rose.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--
TT: So I heard you are sick.
TG: yeah
TT: I'm sorry to hear that. Feel better soon.
TG: thanks
TG: im a little busy right now
TT: Oh?
TG: yeah john is here insisting on taking care of me
TT: That's sweet of him. Didn't you say you scheduled something with him a week ago?
TG: yeah we planned to hang out today but me and my stupid luck said otherwise
TT: Oh, well, since he is with you now I recommend making the most of your time with him, despite the fact that you are ill.
TG: i will thanks rose
TT: No problem.
-- tentacleTherapist [TT] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--

     John returns as soon as you are done, a small bottle clutched in his hand. He sits down on the foot of your bed. "Here, take some of this." He pours out red syrup from the bottle onto a spoon. You wrinkle your nose. "Nasty, Tylenol?"

     The brown haired boy pouts. "Do you want to get better or not?" His puppy dog face was so cute-too cute. "Fine." You easily give in to his trap. John shifts positions so he can face you, crossing his legs. He hands the spoon over to you. You take it, downing the disgusting liquid in one gulp. You stick out your tongue, giving the spoon back to John.

     "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" He grins his buck toothy grin. "Nah." You feel yourself smirk.  John's eyes seem to literally light up. "D-Dave! Did you just... smile?!" As if your face wasn't red enough, it begins turning even redder.

     The heir giggles, clapping his hands together. "I knew it! Look! You're blushing too!" No. No no no no no. Coolkids do NOT smile, nor do they blush. "No dude, that isn't cool at all. Blushing and smiling and shit like that is NOT ironic." You burry your face in your hands. John laughs, picking up the things he brought with him on his way here.

     "Haha, whatever. Anyway, look Dave! I brought you some surprises!" You slowly move your hands halfway down your face, enough to see what he is holding. The heir holds up a bottle of apple juice and.... wait, was that a Nic Cage movie?! "I was thinking about bringing some warm tea to sooth your throat, but I decided to bring warm apple juice instead. I know how much you love apple juice!" He hands the bottle over to you. "Wow. Thanks man." You accept the beverage, setting it down next to you.

     "I also brought Con Air, so we could watch it while you get better!" He gives you the DVD case so you can see the cover. It was a sweet offer, but you aren't sure if you really want to watch this shit. You look up to see the heir removing his Ghostbusters sweatshirt. He hands it to you as soon as he finishes. "Here. You can wear this too. You need to be nice and warm when you're sick, so the antibodies inside of you do their job right!" Dang he is so adorable.

     "Damn man, I don't know what to say. No one's ever done this kind of thing for me." You take the sweatshirt, slipping it over your head. "No problem! That's what friends are for! Or, bros, if that's what coolkids call 'friends'." The heir smiles. "Yeah. But seriously, thank you." You take the bottle of apple juice and open the lid. "Your welcome Dave!"

     As soon as you begin sipping on the juice, you realize you are hearing the rhythmic, pitter patter of rain falling on the roof. John switches his attention from you to the rain. His eyes are fixated on your window, watching the drizzle. After a few seconds, he snaps out of his hypnotism, looking back at you.

     "So... would you like to watch that movie?" the heir asks. "Sure. Shove that sucker in the DVD player." You respond as you set a couple of pillows against the wall. "That's what she said." John snickers. "Red." You quickly say, holding back a chuckle. "AAUUUGH, DAAAVE!" John bursts out laughing. He has the cutest laugh.

     You smile, patting the pillow next to you as a gesture for John to lay against it. The excited boy jumps up onto the bed, cuddling up against the pillow. He relaxes for a moment, but that moment is short-lived. He sits back up, looking left and right. "Where's the remote?" He checks underneath his pillow, with no luck.

     "Oh. Do you mean this?" You grin deviously, holding it up in your hand. John grins his buck toothed grin. "Hand it over Dave!" He reaches out in attempt to grab the remote, but you extend a hand, pushing his face away. "Daaave, give me the remote!" He blubbers as you push your hand farther into his cheek. "Try to get it Egderp." You chuckle, holding the remote farther away from him.

     The buck toothed boy grunts, pushing you away. You fall on your back into the softness of the mattress as John pins you to the bed. You aren't going to give up just yet. You hold the remote above your head as far away from John as possible. The brown haired boy extends one hand in an attempt to grab it while the other balances himself above you.

     Just before he does manage to snatch the remote from your grasp, he loses balance, falling on top of you. You grunt in pain when John's face hits your chest hard, his glasses digging into your ribcage. The heir lifts his head a little, enough for him to speak. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry...."He lifts his head up fully now and involuntarily meets you face to face. His nose is barely touching yours and you can feel his short, nervous breaths beating down against your face. Both you and him stay locked in that position for a few moments before John quickly gets off of you, scrambling backwards.

     "Oh my god oh my god oh my god." John's face turns bright scarlet. "I'm so so sorry-" He is cut off in mid sentence, falling off the edge of the bed. He lands on his back, gasping out of a mixture of pain an surprise. "Whoah." You sit up and look over the edge of your bed at the heir. "You okay dude?"

     "Y-yeah, I'm fine." He sits up, pushing his glasses back to the bridge of his nose. "My back hurts a little, but I'm okay." He stands up and stretches, then sits back down on the bed. "Well... back to the movie, shall we?" The brown haired boy laughs sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "Sure. This time, I'll let you have the remote." You say as you hand him the remote control.

     "Sorry about that dude." You feel a little bad that you went through all of that with him over a remote. "It's alright. Are you feeling any better?" John asks,  resting a hand on your forehead. "You're still a little warm. Don't worry though. If you give it a little more time, the Tylenol is sure to take effect soon." He lays back against the pillow once more, getting in a comfortable position.

     John hits the 'play' button on the remote control. The two watch as the title sequence begins playing. You grab your apple juice and sit back against your pillow, watching the movie but not actually paying attention to the plot.

     Your mind begins to wander a few minutes in. You think back to what happened earlier-when John was on top of you that is. You kind of wish he would of stayed in that position a little longer so you could of at least had the chance to kiss him or something. But then again, he is a heterosexual, right?

     You turn your head slightly and look over your shoulder at John. He is too engrossed in the movie to even notice you are staring at him. You admire all of his features: His soft, shiny hair; his big, blue eyes; his adorable buck teeth. You love and have loved everything about him. You just wish that there was some way of telling him about your feelings for him without creeping him out.

     Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the rain gradually falling heavier. The sky which started out as a light gray in the morning is now a hideous black. The loud crash of thunder is heard from outside, the sound reverberating through the room. John jumps, clinging onto your arm. You can feel him trembling ever so slightly. "You okay little man?" You use your free hand to caress his head. "Yeah. I-I just, kinda have a phobia of thunderstorms." He chuckles uneasily. Another crack of thunder booms through the room. The brown haired boy squeezes his eyes shut, gripping your arm tighter. "It's okay man." You smile. The boy looks up at you, his eyes wide with fear." The sky is sick, just like me." You coo as you look into his cloudy eyes.

     John grins, his eyes regaining their sparkly life as he begins to feel comfortable again. "Yeah. The clouds are just coughing, that's all. They'll feel better soon too." You say, watching as the boy begins to relax. "Thanks Dave." He looks back up at you again. "No problem. That's what friends are for. Or bros, if you want to call it that."

     John giggles and doesn't break the gaze. He lifts a hand and presses his index finger against the rim of your glasses. "Hey, Dave? Can I ask you something?" His eyes grow wide with interest. "Fire away" You reply. "Can I see your eyes?" He traces his finger around one of the lenses.

     "I don't know man. I don't think you're ready for it." You lay back against your pillow. John shifts positions and sits on your legs. "Why not?" He tilts his head to the side in puzzlement. Oh. my. god. He's sitting on you. Maybe you could tell him now? Your thoughts are interrupted by him. "You're not going to tell me?" He pouts, his pupils beginning to dilate. No. Not the puppy dog eyes.

     "It may be too... different for you." You fail to resist from his adorable pouting. "So? I like different!" He grins widely. You pause for a few moments then sigh "You sure?" "I am positive!" The heir bobs up and down excitedly. "Alright. You can take them off." You give him permission.

     John abruptly stops bouncing and grabs both sides of your glasses. He slowly and ever so gently begins pulling your glasses off your face. Once your glasses are completely off, you see his eyes beginning to widen. "See, I told you dog." You take the glasses from his hands. "No, Dave! Wait!" He stops you before you put your shades back on. He sets them down on the floor where you can't reach it. "I like them." He says, getting closer to you.

     He looks into your amber red eyes, admiring their unusual color. "They're so pretty." He inches closer and closer to the point where you can feel his warm breath against your neck. Maybe... now? No, don't screw this up Strider! You deliberate whether you should kiss him or not. You don't want to get him sick too, but it's so enticing.

     The heir notices you are acting strange. "Oh, am I making you feel uncomfortable?" He backs away. Dang it. You blew it yet again Strider. "No man. It's cool." You shake your head and sigh. You watch as John leans against his pillow. "Is something wrong?" He turns to face you again. "No. Don't worry about it." You're tempted to grab your glasses from the floor and shove them back on your face, but resist the urge. You can tell John is still mystified by your eyes, despite the fact that he was trying to show he was concerned about you.

     "Really, tell me what's bugging you." The heir props his head up with his hand, his elbow resting on the wall beside him. You hold your breath, hesitating before giving him an answer. "I've felt this way for a while...." You pause, glancing at John, who seems to be very interested. You can't help watching as his eyes seem to change color depending on his mood. Right now they were a bright, neon blue. Dang, his eyes put yours to shame. No, out of all times, don't let your mind wander NOW Strider. You inhale. "Ever since I first met you actually. I should've told you this sooner but... I love you Egbert." You brace yourself for some kind of reaction from John, but surprisingly don't get one.

     The brown haired boy just sits there, staring at you. His eyes are turning a brighter shade of blue... why? "Dave...." Oh shat, here it comes. Prepare to get rejected, moron. "I've felt the same way too!" The heir grins from ear to ear, practically jumping up and down. You're too shocked to say anything at first. You shake yourself, forcing yourself to respond. "Shit, really?" You hold a poker face, even though John can clearly tell you're surprised at his response.

     "Yes! I didn't know when to tell you either, since you probably thought I was still a heterosexual. But now we don't have to worry anymore! We both have the same feelings for each other!" He jumps like an overly excited puppy. "Since when did you decide to be gay?" You manage to ask, beginning to calm down now. John stops bouncing. "A while ago actually. It took me a long time to situate my feelings–figure out how I really feel."

     You pause in thought before responding. John had to think about his feelings? "I guess that makes sense." You reply. But really, in your mind, it doesn't make much sense at all. Why would it take this long for John to figure out how he feels towards boys versus girls? Strange. You shrug off the question, happy enough to hear that John at least feels the same way that you do.

     "So... do you want to continue watching Con Air?" John asks, picking up the remote. "Sure man, whatever you want." You relax, resting your head against the wall. John unpauses the movie, throwing the remote control to side. The TV screen flickers in the darkness of your room. John grins, cuddling up close to you. You smile as well, enjoying the warmth radiating from John's body.

     Your phone vibrates inside your pocket, indicating someone is pestering you. You glimpse over your shoulder to see if you have disturbed John. The buck toothed boy is too absorbed into the movie to have even noticed. You discretely pull your phone out of your pocket and read the message.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--
TT: How are you feeling?
TG: physically like shit
TG: mentally pretty good
TT: Well, that's partially exceptional.
TG: i guess
TT: Is John still there?
TG: yeah hes still here
TT: Okay. At least you have the decency of his company.
TG: true
TG: hes been really nice
TT: That's good to hear.
TG: yeah
TG: he insisted that we watch con air so that's what were doing now
TT: Oh. I will leave you two alone then. Get well soon.
TG: okay thanks
-- tentacleTherapist [TT] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG]--

     You sigh and look back up, slipping your phone back in your pocket. You look over and see John's eyes beginning to widen in fear as he slowly edges to the foot of the bed. "What's wrong Egbert?" You ask, concerned. The frightened boy lifts a wobbly finger and points at your window. You look in the direction he is pointing to see that the sky is now a disturbing shade of dark indigo.

     A massive gust of wind blows against the apartment complex, making the building tilt slightly. You can hear the blast of air colliding with the glass of your apartment window, creating an eerie sound. John yelps, grabbing a pillow and hugging it tightly. "Holy shit. You don't mind if I check The Weather Channel, do you?" You search for the remote control. John shakes his head, his eyes wider than ever before.

     "Where's the remote?" You growl in frustration, checking underneath all the pillows. John reaches underneath him an pulls something out. "Oh! Here it is! I was sitting on it the whole time. Haha..." He blushes, handing you the remote. You pause the movie, channel surfing until you find The Weather Channel. You read the red banner on the bottom of the screen. The sentence "A tornado has been reported to be in our area. Please seek shelter immediately." scrolls by.

     John squeaks, grabbing onto your arm. "We have to get out of here NOW!" He screams, pulling on your arm. You begin to panic, throwing the remote down and forgetting about everything else around you. You grasp John's hand in yours and guide him out of your room, leaving the TV on. You and him run through the living room and to the front door. You fiddle with the lock and slam the door open, running down the hall.

     As soon as you and him get to the elevator, the cracking sound of lightning seeps in through the sealed walls and echoes down the hallway. Before you can even push the 'down' button for the elevator, the hall goes dark. Oh holy shit. "The power went out. The lightning must've hit a power cable. We have to take the stairs." You explain as you pull John away from the elevator to the door where the staircase leads. "But what if we don't make it to the first floor in time?!" He wails, following you as you bust the door open, making a break down the stairs. "Let's hope we will." You say as you and him descend down the stairs.

     The two quickly dash down the stairs, passing doors to each individual floor. You pray to God that you don't trip down the stairs. Don't fail me now irony! You keep track of each floor you pass until you successfully make it the first floor, without tripping over any steps. You and John burst through the door to the lobby. A large crowd of people stand in the dark, teeming room, surrounding an employee that works at the front desk.

     "Everyone stay calm. We have a severe weather emergency. We will be leading you all to our basement. If you all could please form a single file line that would be very much appreciated." The employee explains to the anxious mass. You tightly grip John's hand in yours, pushing past a few people to get somewhere close to the front of the crowd.

     The people in the throng quickly begin to form a muddled line, you and John ending up being stuck in the center of the mess. The employee opens a door, located behind the front desk. "If the first person could lead the line through the door, it would be appreciated." The employee yells over the troubled voices of the many people. The line slowly begins moving, you and John getting closer and closer to the basement door.

     You feel two arms wrap themselves around you. You look down to see John hugging you tightly, burying his face into your sweatshirt. You cave in, returning the hug.  "We'll be okay. You'll see. " You coo, caressing the heir's head. John looks up at you, his big, blue eyes troubled. "O-okay Dave." He stutters. "C'mon. Let's go." You take one of his hands in yours and guide him through the basement door.

     You and him head down another flight of stairs into a room that is even darker than the lobby. You can barely see anything around you. "Dave?" You hear John's voice close to you. "Yeah?" You respond, trying to feel your way around. "Where are you? I can't see a thing." You hear John's worried voice again. You are about to respond, but a blinding light coming from the top of the stairs interrupts you.

     The employee walks down the staircase, clutching a flashlight in her hand. "Everyone, please remain calm. I am going to go through the procedures you all must follow if the tornado so happens to come into this area. If you hear a loud rumbling, please crouch down and cover your head with your arms. It would be preferable if you all would do this against a wall." The employee finishes her announcement, walking back up the steps to close the door at the top of the staircase.

     You turn your attention from the employee to John. You look into his eyes. He looks back into yours desperately. His eyes are pale and clouded, filled with longing. You uncontrollably throw your arms around him, holding him close. He does the same, beginning to tear up. You pull your head away to look at John again, seeing him crying. "Please don't cry." You lift a hand and rest it on his cheek, wiping away his tears with your thumb. "You're too perfect to cry." The sad boy forces a small smile. "You are too."

     You break the hug and lean against a wall, slowly sliding down it until you are in a sitting position. You sigh, running your fingers through your hair. John hunkers over and sits down next to you, resting his head against the wall. You scan the room, looking at all the people around you. You see families, young couples, children who have lost their parents, and several other tear jerking scenarios.

     You feel your whole body beginning to grow hot again. The Tylenol must be wearing off. John watches as you cough into your arm. "Are you okay Dave?" The heir places a hand on your shoulder. "Yeah. I think that Tylenol I took earlier is wearing off." You respond, coughing into your arm again. "Uh oh." John's frown deepens. "Don't worry about it John. I'll get better." You lift your hand to caress his head.

     "I can't help it. I'm really worried about you." His eyes grow paler and paler out of sadness. "Why did you have to get sick? Why did the weather have to be so bad? Why?" He turns to you and buries his face in your shoulder, sobbing quietly. "Shhhhh, it's okay." You coo, rubbing his back in attempt to sooth him. After a few minutes, John's crying minimizes to occasional sniffs.

     "Feeling better?" You look down at him. He moves his tear-stained face away from your shoulder. "A little." He whispers. You and him lock eyes for a few moments. "You have gorgeous eyes." You place hand on his cheek. "Thanks Dave. You're eyes are beautiful too." He grins. You smile when you notice a little life regaining in his eyes.

     "Dave... you've been smiling a lot more recently... Why?" He asks curiously. "Because you make me happy John." You rub your thumb against his cheek. The boy beams from ear to ear, snuggling up close to you. You wrap an arm around him and lean against the wall, closing your eyes.

     The floor beneath you begins to tremble ever so slightly. Your eyes flit open and you bolt upright. "Do you feel that?" You turn your head to face John. "Yeah." He sits up as well, looking around in confusion. The trembling soon turns into a violent quaking. The sound of the earth shaking underneath you bellows through the dark room. The once calm basement suddenly bursts into turmoil. You hear several screams of terror around you, babies crying, people yelling.

     "Everybody duck and cover!" The employee hollers above the stray voices filling the room. "Get down!" You scream to John before you crouch down next to the wall. The panicked boy follows suit, crouching down next to you. The bellowing sound of the shaking earth is soon accompanied by the roar of the tornado just outside of the building. The ceiling above everyone's heads' is torn off. You feel a rush of wind and debris blow past you.

     Someone grabs onto your hand. You turn your head to see that it is John's. You squeeze his hand tightly then suddenly feeling an utmost calm. Your once tense body begins to relax. Your breathing stabilizes. All your thoughts suddenly dissipate and your mind goes blank. Everything around you turns white, then slowly fades to darkness.

     You slowly open your eyes. The first thing you feel is a dreadful pounding in your head. Your ears are ringing and everything around you is hazy. Once your eyesight evens out, you suddenly wish it hadn't. What you are seeing is horrific. Everything around you is destroyed. Bodies of dead and unconscious human beings lay scattered across the debris enveloped landscape.

     You slowly sit up from your laying position, clutching your bruised, throbbing head. You stagger to your feet and stand, motionless. You gradually turn your head, examining the terrain. Everything you have ever known is gone. Your home: demolished. Your childhood: vanished. Your friends:.....

     You stop dead in your thoughts. Where is John? You begin to panic, looking left and right, up and down. You begin to run past the bodies and remains of the apartment, scanning the area for any sign of the heir. Not long after you begin your search, you see a green speck in the distance: John! You run faster, John now in a clear range of sight. His body is strewn across the debris. "John!" You yell happily, hoping you aren't shouting at an unconscious body.

     Your smile soon turns into a frown and your heart begins to sink when you notice there is a puddle of blood underneath him. You break into a sprint. "JOHN!" You wail, getting closer and closer to the bleeding boy. You skid to a halt once you reach him. You begin to tear up when you see a large slab of wood impaled in the boy's chest. You fall to your knees, cupping your hands over your face. You sob quietly, crouched over the heir.

     John's eyes gradually begin to open. "Dave?" His voice is barely a whisper. You slide your hands down your face, looking up. "J-John?" You look into the heir's eyes. They are grey and filled with pain. He slowly yet painfully lifts a hand, setting it on your cheek."Please... don't cry... You're too perfect to cry." He smiles softly, wiping away your tears with his thumb.

     John lets out a small sigh, closing his eyes again. His arm grows limp and falls to the ground. He is dead.

     You stop crying and your mind suddenly goes blank. You are lost in a pool of never-ending white for a while. After a long period of time, your mind bursts into thought; thoughts of sorrow and anger and happiness. All of the memories you've had with John assail back to you. You remember all of the things that happened that morning; all of the happy memories and the amusing memories and the sweet memories. You remember when John took care of you, even when it wasn't his problem. You remember how concerned he was for you, even if he didn't have to be. You remember when John told you how he felt towards you and truly meaning it.

     "John... no. You can't leave me now man... I need you... I'm not ready for you to go... Not now... Please man, you can't be dead..." You weep heavily, covering your eyes with your hands.

     The drone of several approaching ambulances whirrs in the distance, gradually getting louder and louder. The grey terrain is suddenly filled with red and blue flashing lights.... your and John's favorite colors. Before you know it, paramedics are rushing past you. You ignore everything around you, too distraught to pay attention to anything else.

     You pull your hands away from your face to look at John one last time. He looks so peaceful, even in death. You long to see his beautiful blue eyes one last time, but you know you can't. You lift a hand, pressing it against the heir's cheek. His skin is so soft. You move your hand to the back of his head, running your fingers through his hair. After what seems to be hours, you look over and notice something very peculiar. Your shades are sitting next to John's body, barely damaged at all.

     You reach over and pick up the glasses, brushing dirt off of the cracked lenses. You slip them on your face. You don't want anyone to see you crying. After all, coolkids don't cry. Right?
So ~PhychoHam and I were playing truth or dare the other day. I picked dare. He dared me to write a fanfic. I accepted the dare. The end.

Tell you the truth, I wanted to write a Homestuck fanfic for a while.

This is a mixture of a Sickstuck, a Stormstuck and a Sadstuck. It was originally supposed to be just a Sickstuck.

So enjoy this crappy, long story that probably none of you are going to read! :D

I might proof-read this later. If you guys notice any mistakes, please let me know!

Homestuck, Dave Strider, John Egbert (C) Andrew Hussie
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